What Is IFM?

IFM is an independent investment management company that supervises, advises and manages the financial assets for individuals, 401(k) plans, trusts, businesses and non-profits groups.

Our investment management service offers an alternative for clients by providing them with an individualized approach based on classic fiduciary management principles.

Our commitment to individuality demands that each investment portfolio be built from scratch based on future needs rather than on a variation of a standard model.

Our fiduciary management depends on listening carefully to what clients want to achieve and being flexible in designing solutions that are appropriate for their special situations. No two investment portfolios are the same.

Our independence as a manager is assured by remaining free from sales commissions, broker affiliations or reselling other firms' work. All portfolio management is done in house using public and IFM research sources.

Our loyalty to client interests is assured by being committed to independence and by having our compensation based on portfolio values rather than transaction activity or the sale of products.

Our focus is on the way returns are achieved as well as the returns themselves. Thus we seek to balance risks against rewards to avoid taking unnecessary chances in achieving returns that are appropriate for each client.

Our discipline and experience give each client an added measure of control over the management of their assets and protection against the impact of market hysteria.

                    The bonsai represents our long-term
                    commitment to the stewardship
                    of our client's financial affairs.