What's New

Welcome to IFM's Virtual Open House.

Much of the site is still under construction, so many features are not fully operational and others just started. New visitors should explore the tab series "about ifm" to learn more about our staff and services. Others should look to the "articles and "resources" tab series for new developments.
  • Three items have been added to the "articles" tab series:
    "The Cowardly People", a Serials from Kellogg column article.
    "Gee Whiz", a sampling of innovations
    "Digest", a sampling of "continuing education" reviews and comments

  • Go to the "resources" tab series to see a few of the sites that we use here at IFM. More will be added later. Let us know if you have one you would like to have on the site.

  • The "pot luck" tab is a fun page with mostly links to interesting but not necessarily investment management sites.

  • Go to the "education - lookup" tab series to access an online dictionary, a glossary of financial terms and a few choice library sites.
      Our goal is to make this site your first choice as a gateway to the Internet.